That's all I want for xmass DICE or EA or whom ever makes the decision!! more than the ones on the default servers have on BF3! I want the matches to last longer than 5 minutes on a default EA server!! 5 minute matches ARE too >>>call of duty!!


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Yes i agree with that. Thats why if they dont do that, then i am hoping for the player servers again. I love 1,000 ticket games in BF3. So much fun.

Haven't played bf in a while, why are reinforcements now called tickets??? Sorry if this is a stupid question but I really don't get the whole ticket thing.

Need my 500% metro 2.0

Imagine playing maps like Parcel Storm OR Operation Locker with  Max Tickets! an on MY own server, cant wait, Siege of Shanghai Is not meant to be played on 10-15 min matches, I jus hope they don't allow people to change the settings on Hardcore, because its perfect the way it is.