More Third Person Shooter Than RPG?

After seeing the recent trailers and reading various articles and interviews about ME3, I can't help but think that ME3 will be much more of a shooter than an RPG, like ME2.

Don't get me wrong. ME2 wasn't a bad game at all. I played it and had fun. However, I don't think anyone can deny that ME2 was much more of a third person shooter and much less of an RPG when compared with the original ME. I understand that Bioware did this as a marketing decision to increase their audience but I couldn't help but wish it was more of a traditional RPG like the original.

I remember reading an article a while back where Bioware said they would bring back more of the RPG elements from the first ME in ME3. But now I'm not so sure.

Anyone else concerned about this?


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Explain to me how  how ME1 was so much Different then ME2 in terms of combat  just about everything you did in ME1  you did in ME2 in terms of shooting and fighting. I know ME1 had a lot more exploring and what not then ME2 had. I'm not trying to sound like I'm @@@ I really want to know what is making this not feel like and RPG since Mass Effect was one of the First  RPG I've played

In the original ME, the combat was based on your stats, such as individual weapon stats along with your character and class specific stats.

In ME2, the combat was based solely on your accuracy with the controller (point and click) and the weapon you were using, but no stats were involved.

In the original ME, you could customize your weapons and armor with individual specific modifications that boosted various stats such as accuracy, range, damage, cool-down time, armor regeneration, etc.

In ME2, you could find or research new weapons and armor, but you were unable to customize either weapons or armor.

In the original ME, your weapons had infinite ammo and were only limited by cool-down periods when your weapons overheated, similar to how other sci-fi RPGs like KOTOR worked.

In ME2, your weapons had ammo in the form of thermal clips, similar to ammo pickups in other Third Person Shooters like Gears of War.

My point is, there are pretty clear differences between a hardcore, traditional, stat-based RPG (the original ME) and a more action-oriented Third Person Shooter with RPG elements (ME2).

The simple fact that there was no 'inventory' kind of took a lot of the RPG feel away as well.

Just because we haven't seen them doesn't mean they won't be in there. There is still almost a year left to show us these RPG elements. They seem to be making a nice balance from what I have seen though. In the Behind the Scene's demo, it showed an ability tree for the passive ability. It looks promising. More RPG than in ME2, but more approachable than ME1. I think that should please the majority of the audience.

What implantedwall14 said.  Plus, E3 is a huge dudebro event that gets coverage by Spike TV.  Dudebr0's are not interested in RPG elements generally.  They want to roll around and shoot stuff and be leet.  Makes sense that Bioware shows off the combat in hopes to get a wider (read:more sales) audience.  They are saving the good stuff fro the true fans for later.  At least thats what helps me sleep at night, lol.  

they actually showed off a ton of rpg elements at E3. the weapon mod bench, expanded skill trees. and most recently they've talked about custom camos for you guns (you can make em match you gear esentially or make them bright pink with purple poke-a-dots). they had also mentioned that they are expanding upon the armor system (which the armor system for shepard in ME2 was MUCH more closer to an rpg style armor system than ME1's ever even dreamed of being) by bring in more options for each slot.

To add to what fuzzy just stated.

"We're just winding up the marketing machine into gear - E3 being the first big event coming out for the larger community. Plenty of months to go and we intend to do deeper dives into the kinds of info and content you guys (the core fans) want to hear more about."

Jarrett Lee, Senior Marketing Manager - Mass Effect Franchise

No doubt when he says that he's speaking of the "rpg" aspects.

E3 is a huge press event, Mass Effect 3 was already a highly anticipated game before E3 so BioWare like any other sensible developer will want to capitalize on that and show the most action packed footage as possible to keep that interest for the general audience at E3 which again has a lot of press, which of course in turn is the Marketing departments best friend.

What I had seen of the short footage that Jesse Houston had showed of the improved skill tree and powers I liked, but it was merely too short to make any judgement at this point so I'll just be cautiously optimistic like anyone else should be as we have 9 months to go still.

There's no doubting when I say I prefer Mass Effect 1's weapon system as compared to Mass Effect 2's.

Everything from actual skills and stats attributing to how well or poor the weapon performs, thus making your character much more individualized when you level up, to the overheating mechanic for weapons that still is much better than the thermal clip solution in my opinion.

Yes, I know people always will argue about which is better, but to me and my play style there's no reason to be in such a hurry when you're in a battle that you need this quick ejection of a thermal clip to "reload" or dissipate heat so your weapon isn't useless.

You utilize that time using your biotic/tech powers or your squadmates to either neutralize the enemies charging you thus making you having to have a quick reload solution so your gun does not overheat, or to simply knock enemies useless and from even firing upon you in the first place eliminating that immediate danger.

Anytime my weapon overheated in Mass Effect 1, it was not a long period of time that it took to cool down it was no more than maybe 5 seconds, and in that time you simply switch to a different weapon if your specialized in it or again you use your biotic/tech powers.

I don't see how that was such a bad problem that they needed to change to the thermal clips, but I'm not going to sit here and argue about its implementation as it simply doesn't make that much sense to me nor will it ever, no matter what anyone states.

The system in ME 1 felt more "Mass Effect"-like if that makes any sense. That's my .50

One of the interviews I read suggested that there was much more exploration in ME3 than ME2 and that the paths through levels weren't as linear.


I doubt very much that it will be as much a RPG as the original Mass Effect but it seems as though Bioware are finding a more balanced ground between being an RPG game and a 3rd Person shooter in ME3 than they tried to do with ME2.


Exploration, Customizable weapons, more comprehensive leveling system - each sounds like a step in the right direction to make ME3 truly appeal to fans of both the original game and fans who started with ME2.

Boy this RPG/Shooter issue just won't go away with some people.  I think ME 3 will have more RPG elements than ME 2 had but I also think it will play like a shooter just like ME 2 and that is fine with me.  Because the RPG elements that truly matter are still going to be there and that is character development and story progression.  The only RPG elements in ME 2 that I really missed was the squad armor options and from what I have heard that may be coming back but it ended up not being a really big issue in ME 2 for me so either way it won't effect my ME 3 that much anyway.  Besides I have always viewed Mass Effect as the whole being greater than the sum of it's parts anyway.

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