More than once huh ?

I have notice after killing several dragon’s at several towns, saved my progress, and moved on to other guest days later finding myself fight the same dragon’s in these same towns that I have already kill the dragon in … what’s going on or have I missed something.


I thought once you killed the dragon in the guest line that was it but not true these dragon guys keep re-spawning over, and over again which is a bit nutty. Therefore, am I right from this point on to think all things re-spawn, nothing stays dead except for your follower’s ? OR is this under that game glitching issue we’ve all seen throughout the game.


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Yes...they respawn.  The developers designed it that way. 

I found once I took out all the nests they started showing up less. Plus it only spawns preset dragons, if you kill a unique named one its gone forever.

There are always dragons and if you go back to any cleared dragon site (one with a dragonhead marker) there will be a new dragon there but if you kill it it doesn't turn to bones and give you another soul nor does the word wall activate. I keep getting quests to kill the dragon at Autumn Reach. I do, it's a good source of coin.

I wouldn't say easy coin, I fight Ancient dragons almost exclusively and they can be quite challenging.

Yeah the Ancient dragons got me off guard the first time. He almost even killed me.

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I wouldn't say easy coin, I fight Ancient dragons almost exclusively and they can be quite challenging.

[/quote]I haven't met ancient dragons yet just elder and I would agree with you but the ones that resapwn in previously visited dragon lairs seem to be blood dragons and even sometimes just plain dragon dragons so they are easy. Also Autumn Reach and Ancient Ascent which are the two I keep being sent to are easy to get in a sneak attack on the poor unsuspecting sleeping dragons. I was surprised yesterday at Shearpoint. I had gone there fairly early and been wiped out by the Dragon Priest I wasn't expecting so I just left it for later but didn't restart so my early visit counted. I finally remembered I hadn't gone back and did so yesterday. I snuck in and found the dragon asleep and popped it with a poisoned arrow for a double and killed it in one hit. My archery is good but not one hit kill a dragon good unless I use everything I've got which I didn't. Then I found out it was just a dragon. The level gets set the first time you visit.

(unnamed generic) Dragons are just like any other creatures you encounter, there's a preset few models and abilities  and you encounter them randomly throughout the game

Okay, this is sort of a dragon thread so I'll ask this here. Has anyone else ever lost their dragon? I had one dragon lair left and went to find it. The guide said it was easier to go up from the south so I found a trail heading north from Silent moons and came out on top of Skyborn. Way at the top. I could see the dragon though so I pulled out my best bow and ebony arrow, put some strong damage stamina poison I found somewhere on it and popped the dragon. It roared, flew off, wheeled and crashed onto the edge of the precipice (it's really straight down there). I had to go ethereal to jump down and got hung in the rocks for a minute. When I struggled out my dragon was gone. I assumed it slipped off the edge and I nearly killed myself trying to slide down the mountain looking for the dragon. I got to the bottom and found no dragon anywhere. I got the word and the treasure but my dragon was gone.