More Than 8?

I know Minecraft currently can hold up to 8 players at a time. It seems like a lot but in theory, isn't too many. Over the space of an entire server, you can easily fit more than 8 people and their houses without ever seeing one another. Here comes the bigger question. Will Minecraft ever hold more than 8 people? I'm looking towards public servers. A list of cool servers hosted at that time for anyone willing to join. I know it's pretty stupid to compare but games like Battlefield allow hosting from plenty of different people whenever those people want to. I wouldn't mind the extra cost to publicly put my server on a long list one day, possibly holding more than 8 people. If servers could somehow be put out there in a way. You meet new people, build alongside them, and create a miniature community. Just a thought to consider more than a request for change.


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Battlefield is a DIFFERENT game entirely. It has always been about massive number of players and the game for both PC and console are built specifically to house the number of individuals the platform can sustain. PC numbers being larger due to the servers and hardware limit.


The same is true here, the PC version of Minecraft has a much larger ability to use hardware and host servers that aren't run directly off one system which is why their numbers are huge. The Xbox version is limited because of hardware issues. For them to give us the option of renting servers would require them to provide those said servers and maintain them for the player base to use and would also require them to add a server searching option.


At the same time I could see them trying to bump the number of players in a single game up but I wouldn't hold my breath. The space in Minecraft for Xbox is limited as it is with each world having a limit, a smaller skybox, limited nether and performance only controlled through the power of the console itself.