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New article from GI:


EDIT: Here's another link for a video interview with the AC:R creative director. AC3 will be coming after AC:R, and it almost sounds like they'll do another "character trilogy" like what they've been doing with Ezio:


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That was a pretty good read, thanks for posting.

nice article

It's been hinted that the reason Ezio can relive Altair's memories is related to the sixth sense the First Civilization speak of. Hrm...

That was very interesting it sorta answered a few questions for me. I was hoping they would have released a little more about Lucy's status I'm sure she's gonna be OK tho like they said she too important of a character  Desmond and the game to be killed off like that. How does everyone else feel about this??

I'm not too concerned with it. Altair was fake-stabbed by Al Mualim in AC1, Ezio was stabbed (twice) in AC2, and he was shot in AC:B. I expect Lucy to stay in the story until AC3, anyway.


By the way, has anyone read the June issue of Game Informer? There's a big story on AC:R, but I haven't received my issue yet.

I made a short video about this because in Brotherhood, we can already see the start of Revelations. We can get an idea of who will feature in it etc, and it starts with your Assassin recruits :-)

Ya i read it. It goes in to details about new characters new locations new gadgets. They talk about the MP, they go into a in depth look at how this will be the last we see of Ezio  and  talks a little about Altair .They talk about the way Desmond relives the memories of Altair and Ezio via the animus Ezio doe the same thing by reliving the Memories of Altair via another way. thats about it i will try to find the issue and re read it and put anything else i see that you might want to know

i guess ill maybe have to find a way to pick the game up in November or wait till Christmas.

it has somthing to do with the game story itself that he relives the Altair's memories you can read about it

Oh also they talk about new abilities and new combat skills. You should get the Issue as soon as you can it was very good