More Reasons why BO2 is Broken

In the video below, TmarTn shows us 3 new tips. Of the 3, the 1st 2, IMO, break the game. It's things like this that make me want to scream at the devs for not making a more-polished product.


What do you think of these broken game mechanics? Do you have any more that you'd like to add that show just how broken this game can be (besides the obvious)?


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1st   + 3rd ones not so bad but the second " tip" is a nothing but a glitch  the HQ should kill you if it drops on you like that 

all of the above are not game breakers 

the things that are game breakers have been discussed numerous times and i won't derail this thread with those issues

Broken game mechanics?

Those aren't broken game mechanics, but they should use a simple patch to close up the garage, cause thats not really fair if someone does that.

Not to worried about the HQ one... if anyone does that in game battles, its an auto forfeit, you lose.

Already knew about the fence/tractor... anyone who plays this game should be aware of all lines of sight. Even ridiculous ones. I know way better lines of sight that never get looked at.... Pin holes to look through

Anyone got a dead horse?

^^I may have a dead cat soon if it does'nt stop crapping in my bath

The first one was abused at MLG Dallas and I saw Fariko Impact do it against OpTic in whatever tourney is on at the moment, that definitely should be fixed. I guess the second one should be patched as well(I'm not really bothered by it but don't really play HQ) but the third one is absolutely fine.

First one is always used in pro CoD,Second looks full on glitchy and third looks pretty useful.

I guess video views are more important to him than fighting with everyone who wants to stand by that fence.   Because he's essentially killing the idea by pointing it out.  everyone is gonna go there and everyone is gonna be mindful now.  lol

^^ Lol .... so true.

  I usually wait until about october to atart giving away secrets  ..... or at least until enough people have found them out that I have to compete for the spot.

!st one they just need to make the windows in the spawns unbreakable. 2nd one should kill you or something but not let you be inside of the HQ (maybe make it "move" you over if you in its spot) like a friendly CP does teammates now. 3rd is just a headglitch and line of sight.

As for the first one they had a fix for domination, so maybe they'll fix this one.


The third.... its not bad. I like that spot, although, fyi, those boxes are more for concealment than cover, I've been shot in the mid section through it, or panicked sprayed by an SMG and died just as fast as if it wasn't there. Backing up works well and avoids that line of sight (but leaves you clearly visible through the doorway from the building), or laying down to the right of the boxes works (I haven't done that one my self, but can see the benefits) .

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