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This is a must read article on this new COD Elite pay to play services you can also join this Elite site by following the link within the Kotaku article. It gives you a glimpse into the new world of COD Elite Services for those of you who are fools to pay a lot more ($15.00 per month) for extra Elite content for a non-dedicated server Elite site under Beachhead Studios.  Cheaters will still be a problem in your new pay to play COD Elite service. Elite will not support single player you will need to play in groups and everyone in those groups will know who you are. Read this article then make up your own mind I have and it is a load NO ! at least for now.


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Hell to the no way at all i will not support this they look at all of us as numbers = lots of cash this is a sad state they know that we are addicted to the game there are alot of other games please support them this might be a COD free year !!!!!!!!!! for me fill up the lobbies of games made by people who care ACtivision at this point no longer cares they have a November CASH COW this must end for games to advance and change there needs to be more support for smaller Developers whats left of Infinity ward jump ship i would be embarresed to work for them now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

with all the money Activision makes dedicated servers and a brand new engine would be pennies to them. If Bobby K was smart he'd see the real money by investing in those two simple tools. And we could all boycott thise 'Elite' service. They are banking on this to score them a ton of money, but if none of us buy it they will fail.

In all realisim...there is a 2.4% chance that I will fall for this.

I didnt see anywhere in that article where it said it was $15 a month.



What I did see was "It’s not clear which other Elite elements will be exclusive to the paid version, let alone what a premium membership will cost."



Trust me IW/Acti will have to earn my trust after getting burned by the lack of support and borken promises we got with MW2 but, spreadin/starting rumors without any real proof/source isnt helping any1.

The great thing is that it's an extra service. Meaning you don't need it to keep playing this game.

Did anyone watch the video all the way to the end? That should be case closed if you ever worried that MW3 is going to look exactly like mW2. And that TJ Miller is a funny guy .

I can't be asked to read that. I'm guessing it's essentially but with "more", amirite?

^^Yup, I think its just a webiste for COD that acts as a Facebook, Youtube, forums, and Gamebattles site all rolled into one. I am not paying for any website usuage.