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Man oh man. XP was crazy!!! Game was super fun. Couple things you guys may not of heard. Number one Prestige shop. You get to choose what your reward is after every prestige. Here is the list.

Extra Custom Class
Reset All Stats
Double XP
Double Weapon XP
Unlock Gear
Challenges 1
Challenges 2
Challenges 3
Title and Emblem 1
Title and Emblem 2
Title and Emblem 3

Assuming you can pick extra class 5 times and the rest once.

Number two is perk combos. Didn't see any actual examples of this but it looks like when you pair certain perks together there will be other small advantages.

Any questions? Shoot. I retained as much info as I could but it two hectic days.


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for the prestige shop do you have to have a certain amount of points or money or something to purchase  things? can only one thing be purchased or can you purchase different things? do the items in the shop unlock at higher level prestiges? do you know what the highest prestige is for this game? anything good or bad about the game you found at your time for XP? thanks for taking the time to post this and answer questions.

Damn, good looking on the prestige.  I'm glad they gave more of a reason to prestige now other then to be able to say you have a stupid number of times you've done it, makes it more worth going for IMO

They really didn't go into the prestige shop details. I think there are 80 levels and 15 prestiges but that is NOT confirmed.I believe you will pick one per prestige. Good about the game is level playing speed for everyone. No unlimited sprint or lightweight. (The lightweight deathstreak is on a short timer.) Only thing bad about the game was the time they gave us to make classes and change options before each match. I had a blast playing Kill Confirm.

Interesting but not enough to get me excited for the game again after the I watched the first trailers.

I'm glad that they have the option to reset stats. I know most don't really care about stats but it's something for me to work toward and improve on. Resetting stats later on allows me to better represent how my current skill is and not be negatively affected from when I was learning the game.


The "Unlock Gear" option has me interested too.

Also just talked to someone who talked to FOURZEROTWO directly. He said there is only 10 prestiges. So I am assuming the unlock extra classes will give you all 5 at once if that is indeed the case.

double xp  after each  prestige sounds ok

Don't know if you can pick the same one more than once.

double weapon xp sounds very intersting, i dont usually play with different guns throughout a match so it would be cool to master a weapon style and get double xp for using it.