more music in games

I'm so sick of playing games like Mass Effect 2 and LA Noire and having cheesy opera music through the whole thing. HELLO THESE ARE ACTION GAMES GET ME PUMPED UP. I'd love to here some music like Kings of Leon just blasting in the background while I'm blasting aliens. Game devs dont understand how to get people hooked. Every1 think there making the newest lotr movie and they have to that kind of music. how real rock n roll like green day or real hip hop like lil wayne. a lot of rapper and rockers love video games and would be happy to contribute.


more music or less?


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I play anything I feel like listening to through the xbox which overrides the in game music so I think its fine.  If you dont like the music for a particular game, play your music.  Thats why the feature is there in the first place.

You have to remember unless the music has lost it copywrite, the company either have pay to create the music or pay to use it.

La. Noire used new music and original music. Look at the credits.

As to more or less music, it depends on if the music fits the mood, and does it get old. Like hearing "another bites the dust" every time L.a. noire would have a multiple opponent shooting scene.

now i know you be trollin.

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how real rock n roll like green day or real hip hop like lil wayne...


more music or less?


If it meant Lil Wayne...NO THANKS.

The soundtrack was fantastic on LA Noire, and was true to the period.  The Mass Effect 2 soundtrack was pretty awesome as well to be honest. I really dont get what you are complaining about?


Opera music > your guys shity taste of music.