more modders? or getting worse over time?

For the past weeks or so I've found it harder and harder to go positive. I have tried different guns etc and i still cannot see what i'm doing wrong. My k/d has dropped by about .05 in the last week. Ever since I reached 7th prestige it's been like this.( also note: I never recieved my 7th prestige token). Am i just in a slump or are more and more people using glitches and mods to win?(sniperfrog maybe?)


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sniperfrog maybe

Played too much Cod. Take a break and come back later. Usually helps me.

yeah me too. i used to get 30 -40 kills a game. i stopped prestiging at 5, been on 80 for a while now and both my k/d and acc. are going down. somethings not the same. me or them i dont know.

There is always an ebb and flow to these games online.

Certain tricks and Go-to moves that you use become "obsolete" when someone discovers a new camping spot, or just becomes wise to your play style and figures out a way to counter it.

Sometimes there seems to be a period when the weaker players just give up and move on to a different game, and then all the matches you end up in are against good players.

    Something similar to what Vandesco said .... but with a twist.

    Some people are just naturally above average players. They do fairly well right form the start and therefore dont work at getting better. Some players start out poorly and work hard at getting better.

  The important thing is to be able to adapt as tactics change. If you kill me a certain way over and over again, I'm going to learn how to keep you from doing it. Now you have to find knew ways to get the jump on me.

I don't know if it is just me but I think the game will search for matches based on your skill level.  The better you play, the more likely you are going to get into a game with people your same level.  I notice that if I randomly join a friends game that is not very good at the game, for a while I am in a game with a bunch of noobs.  Then if I go and join a match on my own, then I get into a match with people that play as hard as I do.  

Next time you play take notice.  In mw2 and black ops this happened.  Havent tested it out on mw3 yet.  Just randomly join a match with a friend that is not very good, and see what happens.  

But as the population goes down in a game, then it puts you in any match.  After playing 7 cod games you notice little things like this.

I will also like to add on tired old guys comments that yes after 7 cod games chances are most people playing mw3 have played several cod titles.  So over time most people will learn from past mistakes how to counter someone's special moves and so on.  So the cod player has evolved over time.  

I have noticed the samething as well.So i been playing alot of Mission Modes and Survival Modes with the Wife.We have a Blast.

Yeah I've gone from a 2.4k/d to a 1.77. I think getting bad guns gold played a part but there's something else effecting my game I just can't put my finger on. I'm not even thinking about k/d now, I'm just trying to keep it fun. At one point all I used was Attack chopper, AH-6 and Pavelow, now I'm rocking Pred, Precision Strike and Chopper. Some classes are just support package. I am loving the M4a1 at the minute though, which I'm having more luck with.

I agree with Subzero, I have a friend that's below a 1.0 and when he's hosting the match I tend to better than when I'm playing by myself.  Also once I join his game he tells me that before I got on with him he was going positive all day and then suddenly he's back to 9-18 or whatever.

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