More Glitches Skyrim

I have been on a quest to return The Old Ways book. I have the book, the librarian doesn't have the pop up to give it to him. I found the book on another quest in the place where it is located. I picked it up before the quest and cant give it to the librarian at the College. I've been back several times to the finding sight and the College. I have both the Hearthfire and Dawnguard add ons.


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probally glitched on you i have a book glitched on my main profile aswell so anoying wish they would patch some of these anoying glitches

Many glitches have been patched, but you would need to start fresh for them to work. Once a save file has a game glitch, that glitch is permenant on that character.

Yup and Bethesda is known for their glitchy games. But I do give them credit,  Skyrim is the least buggy game I have played of theirs especially for the size and content.  They did an excellent job with Skyrim. But I still hesitate when buying DLC. I usually wait a few days or even a week.