More Covenant Interaction?

Was thinking if a bit more interaction between covenants could be interesting, large scale battles Sunbro vs Gravelord etc?
A storm on covenant strong holds for a big ol' brawl?

could be interesting?


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Could be one covanat for that I suppose. Team vs where you are summoned to fight alongside a team mate and fight another group of two from the same covanat. Sort of just like a warrior covanat.

yeah i would of just like to see the covenants interact a bit more between eachother since they are kind of divided between good, neutral and evil

As soon as I heard that there would be covenants in DS, I was sure there would be something like this, for 2 vs 2 matches.  It seems like a natural fit, but they didn't bother with it.  Is there any possible way to even have a 2 vs 2 match?  What if someone summons a friend into the Forest...could two invaders enter that game as a group (friends), or would they always be random?

I would like to see what covenant you belong to and your level having more influence on gameplay..

Yeah i would of liked that too, or more people out and about to interact with from different covenants, not just the people who let you join.

Kind of like more people like Solaire!.. much love for Solaire