mopping up last souls in TOG

I've managed to get every twinkling light(soul) in the Tomb Of Giants except one that I just can't figure out how to get to. After lighting the 2nd Bonfire I move towards a giant skelly and his 4 legged companion. Just in the distance on what looks like a ledge is a shining soul light. I've looked all over and I can't find a path to it. The backdrop is a faint light but I can't work it out. 

Anyone know WTF I'm on about and how to get there? 



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I saw this too, but I'm not sure I'm willing to go back through that valley of death yet.

just want to bump this to see if anyone saw this and knows the route........ it's killing me not knowing how to get there

It's the covetous silver serpent ring!! all i need to do is jump off the ledge where the body is after killing the giant skelly and his dog and walk to the right. there are a few more of those pop up enemies there btw.

I want to know how to get the one outside that smith in armor with pinwheel badies in a dark valley its on a ledge to the right.

Just drop down from those screaming skull thingies area above. Drop right next to that short ledge and you'll get to 2 items (there's an additional on above the one you're referring to.

Regarding the covetous silver serpent ring: Where exactly can I access that ledge? Jump of what ledge? Next to what body?

i'll have to go back and check. i think it's where the archer is.

It is where the archer is. there are two dogs and an archer. jump off where the body is just behind him. you then end up on another ledge and u can either jump off that to another one below (u need prism stones) or use a homeward bone. good luck.

Ah, thanks! I think I know where that specific location is. I'll give that a try!