Moon EE: Forcing the Excavator to Breach Tunnel 6

I played a couple 2-player games on Moon last night. In both games we turned the power on early (before round 3) and opened up all the doors except the two doors that lead to the Bio-Dome and the two doors used to enter Tunnel 11. With the Bio-Dome and Tunnel 11 both closed off the first excavator breach happened in Tunnel 6 both times.

Having this occur in only 2 games doesn't make this a sure thing. I'm curious is any others have tried this strategy and if it's worked?


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It seems to be very random for me. Sometimes Ive gone to round 24 and tunnel 6 was never breached and sometimes it is breached by round 6, dunno for sure.

Hey, that was me!

We got to round 33 by the way. Got literally 0 power ups to hack and just ran out of ammo.

This is my strategy I always use.  It seems to work everytime.

Unfortunately, it didn't work for me in a solo game last night. The first excavator breached the Bio-Dome even though I hadn't opened any doors to it yet.

In a seperate post, i stated that if u run a game to it's conclusion (everone dies), and just start again, the zombies will drop the same power ups, the mystery box will be in the same place, and the excavators drop at the same time. The only time this changed is when i paused the game, then hit the restart level. So I still think it's random. So if u can find a good starting point, keep playing that one til u get what ur going for.

Really all it is is a matter of restarting multiple times until it excavates tunnel 6 for now, until (IF) Treyarch adds an update to fix this.

Its random ppl.