Moon doesn't load?

I just bought the new dlc and every map works except moon!
Samantha talks for a while than it just stops loading.
Im almost positive it isn't a disc problem because it's dlc so it shouldn't need to read the disc, and every other map works fine.
I'm currently redownloading it, but I heard this doesn't help. Any suggestions?


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Try clearing your Xbox cache than re-download it.

Follow these steps in the exact order:

Step 1: Delete the map pack content from your hard drive.

Step 2: Clear your Xbox hard Drive Cache by highlighting it in the memory screen, clicking "Y" & selecting "Clear System Cache".

Step 3: Turn off the xbox completely by powering it down, then removing the power cord for 30 seconds.

Step 4: Turn your Xbox back on, sign in, and redownload the content from Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

If the other suggestions don't work do this. A buddy of mine had a corrupt part on his HD that makes it where he could not load DLC but only certain maps. Delete DLC then find a game demo that is similiar size and download that then redownload DLC that should clear it up if the others do not work

I have done all these steps however moon is still not loading.

freezes the xbox, what should I do