Monsters In TitanFall!!! Story Details


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im on ign every day and don't know how the *** i missed this lmao.  thanx man.  love the beta.

I wonder if the monsters will be in MP or if there will be a "zombie" type mode?

From what it sounds like they will be in MP mode, maybe not in every map tho.

I actually wouldn't mind a co-op/ zombie type of mode with monsters, AI Soldiers and Titans. They've done a good job of keeping a lot of the details of this game a secret.

Ohh wow... this sounds awesome. I can't wait! Like Cruzin said, they have kept these details pretty secret, which is a good thing!

According to the "TintanFall art book" there will be wildlife on some maps that will interact with you. Some will attack if you provoke them while others will attack if you just look at them.

^^ Yep! Bring it on.

yeah monsters was a surprise, and the mention of a multiplayer campaign. i didn't even know there was going to be a campaign at all. can't wait!