Monopoly Streets?

I'm thinking of getting Monopoly Street from Games on Demand, I'm wondering how popular it is and if playing online has enough people to always find a game?  Anyone here bought it and is playing it?


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About Monopoly Streets? It's now worse; I "lost connection to the EA servers" mid-game. Never had that happen before.

Well as long as it's alive again, would you say that the issues raised a few years ago have improved?


there is new monopoly out on xbox one, that plays smooth and works online, is this what the necrothread mystical raiser is on about.

This thread is over three years old.  Why is it being brought up again? 

Don't waste your money. This game is junk and nothing but bugs.

It's almost impossible to find a game to join. The same 6-8 games have been listed since day one, and you can't join any of them.

If you can eventually find a game (which isn't easy), the first player is the game host. If he/she leaves the game or goes bankrupt, game over for everyone. Found a game last night, played for over an hour with 5 of us. Host went bankrupt, none of the rest of us got to finish the game. Ignorant programming not having it pass off the hosting duties.

Plus, every time I play it, it causes system-wide bugs and lockups when I exit the game, requiring a hard reboot EVERY SINGLE TIME.

I'm highly disappointed and wishing I hadn't flushed that money...

Game is great and would recommend but cannot as it freezes the Xbox constantly.  Stay away as the game is currently broken.

Bought the game on disc way back when. If you can find an original mode match online, it'll take upwards of 1.5+ hours to finish a game. And the moment when the online opponent sees their mistake is a match killer, they quit (most of the time), free of penalty.


Buy it if you love the game and have offline (*or online) friends/fam to play with, or expect awkward quits from scrandys.


 Plus, you can probably find it cheaper in a used section somewhere, so avoid a Games on Demand purchase.

So it freezes up alot nad they haven't patched it yet? That's a shame, I was interested in playing Monopoly with other people online but I suppose it's a dream that will never be realized.

This game freezes all the time. I bought it today, and I have fun playing it until it stops working... If it wasn't for that, it's a fun game...

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