Have not seen the latest TALES OF MONKEY ISLAND game as well as the third season of SAM AND MAX on xbla. Anyone know if they plan on release those games there? I love these kinds of games and would also love to see DAY OF THE TENTACLE and other similiar games hit xbox 360. 


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You could check out "Sherlock Holmes vs Jack The Ripper" which is a point and click puzzle game.


The regular graphics (walking around the area) are pretty poor but the puzzles are good and there is a lot of historically accurate information regarding Jack the Ripper and the layout of London.


"Grey Matter" is another point and click but one which I found to be terribly boring.

There's been several posts over at Telltale's forum about the XBox releases of Back To The Future, Monkey Island, and Sam and Max Season 3. For the most part, it seems to be a sour topic over there as it's been brought up so many times. So if you decide to join the forum, you may want to search through old posts instead of posting a new thread.

To summarize, almost every thread about future XBox Telltale titles usually end the same way...lots of speculation, guesses, and complaints... and no official word. However, a Telltale team member did say in one thread that there were no plans to bring Back To The Future to the XBox platform.

As for the Maniac Mansion/Day Of The Tentacle series -- there is a fan remake being put together for Maniac Mansion here. It will most likely be PC only.

You might want to check out Axel & Pixel, I quite enjoyed that point and click game.

@Judge Bergan: I wholeheartedly second that opinion. Just picked it up in a sale a couple weeks ago for half off, and it was more than worth it. The charm that game has is phenomenal. Pair that with the art direction and interesting puzzles, and an excellent game is born!

Point and click Adventure games? Walking Dead, Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, NCIS and all the CSI games are pretty good if you like those kinds of games. I can't recommend the Walking Dead enough. Great game and my favorite in 2012...

I love point and click games. I wish Myst would come out for the 360.


[quote user="brandiesel1"]

I love point and click games. I wish Myst would come out for the 360.

[/quote] I remember when I thought Myst was hard, then I played Riven.

I want Discworld lol

Try The Cave. It's sort of a point & click/ platformer. I'm enjoying it. It's also funny, which is nice.