Money Holder?

I am about to start a new game and would like for someone to  hold my gold and then give a portion of it back to me when I get my new game started. I have 14million in gold and will only want half of it back when I start my next game. Any takers?


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just plug in your 2nd controller and give it to him


^ what he said

Are you also an Algerian Prince who would like to transfer $10,000,000 to my bank account to hold for your imprisoned half-brother?

Assuming I pay all the bank charges in advance of course...

14 million gold transfered at only 100K a time is going to be quite tedious, 140 individual gift gold transactions :-((

You simply need to transfer it to another profile ising your second controller

If you are in someone's game, via XBox Live, the transfer of items goes about 50% quicker than if you just gifted it by interacting their orb. This isn't the case if you are doing the trading on the same console.

First off, don't delete that game.  

Start a new game then, go to the sanctuary.  In the map room, go to the right where the gears are on the wall.  Click on that..  Accept game management.  go down to load and accept that.  In this room, you can go to any of your previous games.  Go to the previous game of your choice and accept..  You should find yourself in the previous game.  Now, you will  need another profile to joine you there.  Once the profile is in the previous game with you, face him and press the left bumper to gift.  When you are taken to the gifting room you can gift however much money oor items as you wish.  When finished, press the back button and go back to your other profile.  Then go back to the sanctuary and go back to the gears on the wall.  Click on it.  Accept game management, go down to load and go to your new game and accept that.  You should find yourself back in your new game.  Get your profile to join you in the new game.  He or she should go into the santuary and open his/her gifts.  Press the back button and get back to the new game.  Have the profile face you until you see gift on the right side.  Click the left bumper again and he will go into the gifting room.  Have the profile gift all the money to you.  Once you open your gifts, the money will be where you want it in the new game.  I hope this is not confusing.  It works!