MoH questions

I was just at GameStop paying off Battlefield 3 and Gears 3 and I noticed that they had a new copy of MoH LE in stock for $29.99 (plus tax). I didn't pick it up cause I have a couple questions that I'd like answered first.


1. Will I still be able to get in the BF3 beta even though MoH has been out a while?

2. Is it worth $30?

3. Do people still play MP?



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well the beta for BF3 isnt out yet so you should be able to.


Some people still play the multiplayer, i think the multiplayer is really fun and competitve but thats just my opinion. The game just takes some time getting used to.

1. If it says BF3 beta access on the box, then yes you'll get in. That's IF we get a beta.

2. Yes. The single player is very good. The multiplayer is like Battlefield at a CoD pace.

3. People do still play, but many just snipe to get killstreaks rather then play the objectives.

My opinion: If money isn't an issue, I'd pick it up just to play the story and hopefully get a beta key. The multiplayer is worth playing but you'll be back to Battlefield quick as there's not much to unlock in MoH.