I want cool mods like Minecraft  COMES ALIVE AND THE FURNITURE MOD BUT we cant get to that yet ....WHY?



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MS won't allow 3rd party software with their Live interface.  It opens up Pandora's Box.  If you *really* want mods, you'll have to play on the PC.  (This could be said for pretty much any/every game)

If 4j ever does add mods I'm sure it'll be for the XBox One since the 360 can barely run the game now.

Modding is not allowed.

Xbox Code of Conduct:

  • Do not cheat in a game unless the developer has deliberately enabled cheats.
  • Do not use unauthorized hardware or modifications.
  • Do not exploit game vulnerabilities or glitches.
  • Do not make unauthorized modifications to your account profile or its contents, including but not limited to tenure, Avatar, saved games, Gamerscore, or achievements.
  • Do not intentionally play with someone who is using unauthorized software or methods.
  • Do not play any illegitimately obtained software or pirated games.
  • Do not take any action to cause degradation of service for Microsoft or other users, including but not limited to network interference or manipulation.
  • Do not play a game before it has been authorized for play on the service.
    • Do not use the services to do anything illegal. You, not Microsoft, are responsible for your actions on the services and the consequences of your actions.
    • Any content that facilitates or promotes illegal gambling, illegal content, pornography, piracy, illegal online pharmacies, illegal drugs, or criminal activities is prohibited.
    • Do not create or share any content that instructs users how to make bombs, weapons or drugs, or solicits involvement in behavior that is violent or illegal under applicable laws.
    • Unauthorized use of another entity’s intellectual property is not allowed, including but not limited to: software, music, art, and other copyrighted, trademarked, or patented materials or trade secrets.
    • Any content that facilitates or promotes underage drinking, consumption of illegal drugs, or socially irresponsible behavior due to alcohol or drug consumption (e.g., drinking and driving) is prohibited.
    • Do not create or share any content that facilitates, promotes, or contains terrorist threats or activities.
    • Do not create or share any content that facilitates, promotes, or contains references to viruses or malware.
    • Do not create or share any content that facilitates or promotes identity theft.

      Consequences of Violations

      If you violate the Code of Conduct or the Terms of Use, action(s) may be taken against your account and/or console, including but not limited to the following:

      • Some offenses warrant an immediate permanent suspension, including but not limited to:
        • Hacking
        • Modding
        • Profile tampering
        • Fraud
        • Marketplace theft
        • Buying, selling, or theft of Gamertags or accounts
        • Severe racial remarks
        • Impersonation of Xbox staff
        • Nudity
        • Repeated creation of inappropriate Gamertags or profile content
        • Posting viruses
        • Posting URLs to phishing sites, malware, or viruses
      • Trying to avoid a suspension by creating alternate new accounts may result in a permanent suspension of the new user account and a possible escalation of punishment to the original account, all related accounts, and any device you are using to connect to the service.
      • Repeated violations of the Code of Conduct may result in a permanent suspension of your account or a permanent ban of any device you are using to connect to the service.
      • If you create a Gamertag that has been determined to violate the Terms of Use or Code of Conduct, the system will automatically choose a new Gamertag for you.
      • If you create content in violation of the Terms of Use or Code of Conduct, it may be deleted and enforcement actions may be issued.
      • If you are abusing the voice or message features, your ability to use the voice and messaging system will be subject to enforcement action.

      MICROSOFT IS NOT OBLIGATED TO SEND YOU A WARNING BEFORE THESE ACTIONS OCCURIf your account is suspended while you are participating in a tournament or competition, Microsoft assumes no liability in the loss of any potential prizes or recognition related to the tournament or competition. Microsoft is not obligated to monitor every post or activity, but has the right to remove any post or take action against any user.

      Microsoft reserves the right to remove at any time, without notice, any user-created content, account, or device from the Services for actions determined to be in violation of this Code of Conduct or Terms of Use. Microsoft also reserves the right to immediately terminate or suspend a user for violations.