mods are still in the game -.-

Thought since they removed the duped money they would at least have the decency to remove the mods. Decided to hop on for the first time in about 2 weeks and automatically I get sprayed by a full auto rpg with infinite ammo ffs.


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I was doing a deathmatch and ran into someone on God mode...I hate when people wimp out on deathmatches and use that cheat.

Has anyone seen the 'Fire Engine Pants People'?

^ Is that legit? I would love to see that!

Just met two guys in free roam with one shot kill smgs and an anti lock on mod. One of them was also hacking my spawns so that everytime i spawned it was 5 ft infront of his car.

But hey atleast they took out the modded cash so they can make money off of microtransactions :/

No one understands micro-transactions. You think beach bum and creator DLC was given to you out of Rockstars love for you. No it was paid for with Micro-Transactions. They should be as important to you as they are to Rockstar. Let those people pay so you get more free stuff.


I think you need to understand that with income like Rockstar has pulled off this game they don't need microtransactions to put some *** DLC out for free.


They are good for the company and poor for the gamer, most notably because they make it very easy for a company to wean much more money out of their players than they could otherwise.

The only good DLC I have seen so far was the Del Perro Pier survival imo. The capture maps are ok but nothing too special. Capture is only fun if you have a lot of players. My crew is only small.

And that's why this game online has turned to rubbish...