Modifying me account.

Hello..I'm  user xbox One. Recently  Xbox reviewing and adding a post on this forum I noticed that each user has a window with an avatar, reputation, lvl, badges. My question is:
-How To change your avatar with this basic with the inscription xbox
-How To raise lvl
-How To add something to the windows at the amount of G,
-How To earn badges.
I've never had an Xbox 360 and I have not used this console.
Please help.


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G is gamerscore you get by unlocking achievements. Lvl is how many years you have been Xbox live gold. And badges are earned by becoming an Xbox live ambassador and doing certain things. And you will have to rephrase your question about your avatar

^^ actually the level is not how many years you've been on Xbox live gold. I have been on for 4 years and notice my level. Also badges are not just specific to being an Xbox live ambassador.

How can I change my avatar?                < -------------------------- I do puppet and change awatar on microsoft and xbox . I can`t here.

I'm not asking for G. Only about windows under G.


You can change your avatar via your profile on the xbox one

Info on forum levels & badges can be found here

Gamercards on the forums still do not show xbox one games etc.,only 360 & windows games so if you've not played either of those there's nothing you can do to show your games on your forum gamercard yet.

I change avatar profile on the xbox one a lot of times and nothing.

You're going to have to give a few more details.

What do you mean "nothing" ?

I changed avatars on account microsoft and xbox live.On the forum zero changes. I read somewhere that I must have the avatar of a puppet. I have it too, and nothing xD.

What's an avatar of a puppet?

Your avatar wont show up on your forum gamercard if you've changed it on the xbox one.