Modern warfare 3

I was playing modern warfare 3 and this guy was saying I'm going to boot you offline if you don't give me a 3 month gold so I did and I didn't want to but I didn't want to get booted offline so I have it to him and he didn't but all I want to do is get the gold back and if you could get it back for me I would be happy

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I bet if that guuy knew it was going to be that easy, he would have demanded 12 months of Gold.


In all seriousness... I doubt the OP is serious and will most likely not return back to this thread.

Hi there, OnG!


First of all, I want to let you know, that you shouldn't give in to threats on Xbox LIVE. These kinds of actions is simply not fair on users like yourself. You didn't have to give the user that code, however I understand that under intimidation of your network being tampered with, you felt the need too. Let's try and make sure this doesn't happen to you, and hopefully others as well if the right things are done.


First of all you may want to File a Complaint against the user, of which once you have done that, to prevent further communication of any sort and to minimize the chances of you meeting up with the player again, Mute, Block and Avoid the player. When you file a complaint it sends a report up to the Policy Enforcement Team (PET) and they will investigate the complaint and take the appropriate action they feel necessary.


What this user was threatening to do, was something called DDoS attack (Denial of Service). You may want to have a quick glance of the DoS Attacks | Denial of Service support page where there is a ton of info on a situation like yours. If this ever happens again, say no and leave the game / lobby and or party, following the first steps given (File a complaint, etc...).


I hope you find this somewhat useful, and that you do not have to go through this experience again.


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