Modern Warfare 3, who is the developer?

I thought Zampella and Vince had the court freeze the title?  What gives?  Is it the "new Infinity Ward" making the game, or is it some random developer?  I've been reading a lot, yet haven't heard anything new about the trial in about 6 months?  Did Activision win?  What gives?  I only know about MW3 because of the Xbox Dashboard Spotlight.  I really think that if it's anyone other than the "original" IW, the game will not be as good as any of its predecessors were.  Maybe I could've googled this, but I'd rather post this thread to get a discussion going as it's my first post back in a few months.


P.S.  New forums are weird.


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MW 3 is being developed by Sledgehammer (SP), IW (MP) and Raven (MP)

3 developers on one game? Wow sounds like medal of honor I hope it doesn't turn out like that.. I really want this game to be good..

me 2. i enjoy this game. They could have monkeys make this game, i bet it will be better then that monkey pebble called BF.