Modern Warfare 3: unrecognized disk revelation (& explanation?)

Ive been searching the internet to see if i wasnt the only one getting this problem. 

My story: 1 day after release, I go to gamestop and buy modern warfare 3. not expecting the disk to be defective (or my disk drive if its the case), i open the game and put it in, thus making it so that i cannot get a refund for my game. i put in the disk, and after 2 seconds of reading the disk, it gives me the "unrecognizable disk" message.

about a week later, i go to my cousins house to see if its just my disk or if its my xbox. I try my cousin's disk. The game runs fine. Then i run my "defective" disk on my cousin's xbox 360 s. It worked perfectly. and it still works perfectly! so we both agreed that we could trade disks with eachother. I was so happy i was finally able to play my modern warfare 3.

but that wasnt the end of the madness.

after 4 days of playing the game only 2 hours a day, in the middle of playing the game, the disk says "the disk is unreadable" and opts me into the xbox dashboard. I was bewildered. i was PISSED OFF. i tried opening and closing the tray. no difference. I tried cleaning the disk with a soft cloth and made sure there was no scratches. no scratches AT ALL. its good as new. the game is installed in my hard drive. I proceeded to try out other games in my xbox. the following games were EVERY SINGLE OTHER GAME I HAD: Black ops, modern warfare 3, assassins creed 1, 2, and brotherhood, borderlands, left 4 dead 2, battlefield 3, gears of war 1 2 and 3, ALL OF THESE GAMES WORKED. but my modern warfare 3 did not work at all.

From my experience, i was able to conclude a couple of facts:

1. The xbox has an outdated disk drive, making it a pain in the @@@ to play recent games.
2. for some reason, some disks of recent games work and some dont. and after a period of time of playing the game, the game proceeds to give you the "unrecognizable disk" message.
3. The more recent model of the xbox is easily capable to read the disk. Only the VERY FIRST MODEL of the arcade xbox isnt able to read the disk. The elite and slim and some later models of the arcade are able to read the disk.

Microsoft. Fact 3 is leading to speculation. Bad speculation. And im sorry to say.... I might actually believe it. Heres a transcript of a 3 minute vlog of a conspiracy youtuber.

"Microsoft purposely are making it so that these more recent disks are incompatible with old versions of xboxes. Theyre trying to force the consumer to spend money just to get a new xbox, They are using this method to milk out more money out of their pockets, and I wouldn't be surprised if they did this thousands of times with later games. If not convince us to buy a new xbox, then to convince us to waste money on repairs, and i can say from experience from 10 xboxes, that 80% of the time if your xbox disk drive is that of an old model, and the disk in question is quite new, then it WILL NOT WORK. EIther way, the consumer loses. If this is how they're going to do this, then f**k this. Im going to play a PS3. Sorry guys, This is the end of my xbox days."

-transcript of annoymonous youtube vlogger

Microsoft, please, please if you can post an update that can somehow make our disk drives compatible with these new games, because your customers are wasting money on games that wont work, leading to disatisfaction from your consumer base, and it is very likely that this will continue. Please, make this easier for the gamers that respect you so that we can continue to do so.
Yours truely,

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Sorry about your problems. While I have not had this happen to me, I have read quite a few threads concerning this. Have you noticed a slight ridge on the edge of your disc? From what I understand alot of the discs have this defect. In any case while you may not be able to get a refund, Gamestop will replace the disc with a new one. Though from what I read you may have to replace a few of them

This seems like an excessive conspiracy theory. I mean, are we saying just RIGHT-AT-LAUNCH Xboxes?

Mine was a warranty replacement about 3 years ago. It's still a white Pro Xbox, chrome disc tray and such. I have yet to encounter such an issue, and I've played several newer games on it--MW3, RAGE, Skyrim, Forza 4, and maybe another game or two, depending on how new of a game we're talking.

My thought is that MAYBE it has nothing to do with an intentional bug. For some who might now know, MS did a beta with Reach a few months ago to try a new disc format to give them more storage space. Maybe since that seemingly went fine (I got a Reach beta disc and had no issues), they went ahead and switched to that new disc format.

Now, possibly, this was an unintentional issue that some Xboxes are having trouble with this new disc format for whatever reason. I'm not sure how the format varies on these newer discs as opposed to the older discs, nor can I say when they started the disc change. It could be possible that it's a different manner of compression or something, and the older Xboxes do not handle reading it well, I cannot say.

Maybe I'll try to look into this and attempt to find some insight as to how it has varied. Other than that, I would say do a little investigating of your own and call MS about it. They might know the issue and be able to help.

Here's just one thing I found in a pretty quick Googling of the issue:

They can allegedly see the issue from Xbox LIVE, it says, so maybe give them a ring and check it out.

I had the same problem with my older XBox 360 until I took the game disk and flexxed the outer edges down.  No problems since then.