Modern Warfare 3 Trailer Analysis

Thought I'd share this video with everyone. They found a lot of info that I would never have picked up on




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Yeah link it so I cans watch 2

Yeah I'm happy to see the P90. Hope to see the F2000 return as well

AC130 <3333333333

Great video... I love cookies as well =)

Wow, this was a really good analysis!  How the heck did they find the p90?  A must watch for those who are interested in this type of thing.


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Let's not be hypocritical now.

i didnt see a G36 :(

ehh, a couple interesting things

but not so much an analysis of mw3 as it is naming everything in the trailer that everybody already saw just probably didnt know the exact names of

btw i had to click on this thread because "analysis" of "modern warfare 3" is a really ironic statement