modern warfare 3 online lag

every time i play multiplayer, i lag, it say i have 4 bars, my computers work fine, but its really choppy off and on.  is it cause its new and will it get better? or is it my connection?


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Wait.....what game?


any one??

I'm having the same problem. Even the kill cam shows totally different picture, like my guy not even shooting his gun when I die but I had unloaded most if not all of my clip. I think it's my connection because no one else seems to have the same problem. Maybe i'm being put on a server to far away. I will check for locale and you should too.

Ya I don't know about this game. The game doesn't really get choppy for me, but when I watch the kill-cams, it just doesn't make any sense. This game seems to have some kind of lag correction issues going on. I'll shoot a guy with about half my magazine into him and I die. I watch the kill-cam and the guy has sprayed a circle around my body and sprays back and forth from left to right, hits me with two bullets, and maybe one bullet comes out of my gun as I drop dead... I've played each COD since COD3 and this one seems to be the worst with the lag.

I read somewhere that the game switches host between every match, making it more fair for people in the lobby to get a chance at hosting. They used to just pick the best host, which makes more sense. This could be part of the problem.

Could very well be just lag .........

but hee's a couple other ideas if you have 4 bars and seem to have framerate issues.:

Make sure you install the game to your hd ......... it responds much better and will save your disk.

Theater mode ........ I havent treid it in mw3, but any time I used theater mode in blops I would get a worse than usual lag effect. It seems this got better .... whether they patched it or what.... but it still always seemed to have some effect

Restarting the console after i was in theater always helped. Maybe give it a try .... and maybe too if you use elite on your console. I havent tried that either yet ...... but things I suppose can claim resources on your box and not return them when closed.

If that doesnt help ...... try doing a search for port forwarding ........... Thats always a good suggestion...

And of course this:

Online video games will lag ............. some more than others.

thats just the facts of virtual life

mp sux..end off...fix it.

im having the same problem

me too me too

I`m ready to trade the game it soooooo bad!I don`t mind getting killed in the game if i get caught sleeping.But some people have just aimed at me and i`ve died.

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