Modern Warfare 3 gets folding scopes, Punisher grenade launcher

Modern Warfare 3 will be awash with guns, each tailored to a particular scenario, but you won't necessarily have to swap in a new firearm when you switch styles. Scopes can now be folded down on certain weapons, transforming ranged pluggers to up-close-and-personal blasters in the blink of an eye.

"Say you're picking guys in windows out long range in Manhattan, but then kick through a door and start clearing a building," Robert Bowling, Infinity Ward's creative strategist, explained to OXM. "You can now fold down your magnifying scope and already have a close-range optic on your gun - so now you're engaging guys close-target without having to change weapon."

The change was apparently made following discussions with real-life Delta Force operators. Those chaps like to keep their options open.

Bowling also detailed a new weapon, the XM25 air burst grenade launcher or "Punisher". At the risk of sounding like a black market arms merchant, it's a high-tech beast with one hell of a bite. 

"It's great for when you're fighting in an urban environment. If a guy is behind a concrete barrier, you can laser-tag that cover point, fire over it and it will then programme the round to explode one metre past it. Anyone hiding behind it will be showered down."

A n00btube with a brain, then - but perhaps we're just being cynical. Look out for an absolute landslide of Modern Warfare 3 news and views when issue 77 hits shelves on 2nd September. Our cover feature pits Activision's latest against plucky young challenger Battlefield 3. It's the face-off of the century, at least till somebody asks Matt to cut his hair.


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I rarely have ever used the grenade launcher, but the air burst grenade launcher sound ok if its anything like the air burst rockets in BF2142.   those came in very handy for someone ducking for cover.   focus on the wall in front of them, roll your distance one click past that.. and fire away so they exploded over the person's head.   :-)      And i can already hear how it's "overpowered"   LOL

Love the ideas. The multiple folding scopes bit looked very cool in the video I saw it in, but I'm an iron sight type of guy myself. The airburst launcher was fun to use in Homefront I just hope it can be implemented in CoD well enough to where it can't be abused to death like the grenade launchers were in MW2. I have my doubts though.....

These new additions sound awesome, except I'd wager that these will show up only in Campaign and Spec Ops. Same as the "9 Banger" flash bang they've shown.

I like the idea of switching up the sights. Makes it a lot better than having to keep switching weapons all the time. I think the XM25 won't be too overpowered if its a weapon on its own. If it is an attachment then it might be worse because then almost anyone could equip one with whatever gun they choose.

Sounds cool.

Still not buying.

I think we should get landmines.

Looks like MW3 will be the first to have folding scopes on its guns.

But Homefront is the first with airburst grenade launchers :)

[quote user="gameshoes3003"]

Looks like MW3 will be the first to have folding scopes on its guns.



Army of Two: The 40th day has folding scopes.