Modern Warfare 3 collection 3: chaos pack will not download.

Trying to download modern warfare 3 collection 3: chaos pack.....
When downloading the maps it will appear that it downloaded 100% but then a message pops up ''can't download''. I've have tried all the troubleshooting steps but no luck.


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And it seems like nobody gives a **** about it, right? No help here...

    I bought recently all three collections and have the same problem as you do, with all of them. Tried all available options, no luck at all..... Does anyone know what to do?

  Do you get error ****3003 too?

Dude, it sucks. I can't get any help at all. I've talked with and They just give me the run around. Stupid troubleshooting list and get this XBOX tells me to uplug my xbox and try pluging it in to another outlet. HA, like that had something to do with the download not working. Such BS!

On my second Activision support chat, I may have received the answer....

"I see. It seems that you may no longer be able to get the ELITE drops Steve since this was a limited offer before and as of this moment, ELITE premium is no longer available, though players that are still members for the premium will still be able to download the contents."

As the support chat continued, I was told that I had to have Elite before it was removed on February 28 and as long as it was installed, the downloads for the maps would work. As for a refund, they told me I had to contact the 1st party provider (Xbox/ Microsoft). Now comes the fight to get back the $22.50 I paid for the map packs (which was half off through March 3... after they deactivated Elite).


Does anyone know if they plan on fixing this?

man!! I just wasted SEVERAL hours trying to get mp#3 to dl & NOW I see why!

No answer, right? My case is worst, I paid $50 for the Elite........ I didn't have it downloaded because I didn't played MW3 in a long time and I formatted the hard drive some time ago... The Activision policy it's a joke! You can't have something for which you paid cause their stupid system. There wasn't any "disclaimer" that told us that we should have to keep the Elite forever or we won't be able to play what we paid for... Ridiculous...