Modern Warfare 2

Lately it seems noob tubing and camping have been running rampant in Modern Warfare 2. The result is often bad players or players who are unable to cope are bringing their teams down.


The solution?

Is simple. Enter playlists with players you know. Establish a team. 


I have a policy of playing with dignity and respect. I <3 trash talk as long as its in good sport but i do not condone noob tubing.( unless you absolutely must for a challenge, unlock, or to help kill a persistent camper)  I dont mind quick scoping though i only partake if im in a private match. We are here to have fun and win :) 

that being said, i also treat the enemy and teamates with a degree of respect.  I NEVER steal care packages because i didnt earn them (and dont use them)  i help protect them until their rightful owner can retrieve it. 


If you play or think in a similar manner then HMU and lets get started playing. any gametype is fine.


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ill def play with you sometime soon, add me on 360 we'll play sometime :D

ok. im gonna go check on something outside, grab some earl grey, ill add u

you sound like a chill MW2 player similiar to me, give me an add aswell.

To combat noob tubing you've got to wear the Blast shield. But they have danger when close then your SOL.

Add me :] im real chill and QS & play the objective im really good although like everyone else i have my off days