Modern Warfare 2 Microphone Fix

So, while I was playing Modern Warfare 2, I came across a very odd glitch. The things this glitch did was; 

  • Create a beeping noise
  • Show my mic symbol, indicating there was some sound going through the mic itself
I went to Xbox Support and two nice Xbox members, Marky and Kent helped me resolve this issue. Below is some of the things Kent told me to do to resolve this issue, they are as follows; 
  • Clear your system cache. To do this, go to your Storage section under Settings. Press (Y) when you arrive there, and click "Clear System Cache". Do this again, and then restart your Xbox. This is supposed to delete corrupted updated to the game. After this, open the game back up. Note that you are free to re-download the update once you delete the corrupted one. If it does not work, move on the the next solution.
  • Try connection your mic to another controller. Since I did not have another controller, that is as much help as I can give there. If that does not work, move on.
  • Turn your vibration off. This, out of all three of them, sounds the strangest, but has worked for me. Basically, just go to your "Options" while you are Modern Warfare 2, under either Multiplayer, Campaign, or Spec Ops. Scroll down to "Vibration" and turn it off. Play a match and see if it is still making the sound. If not, then you are done. Note, that you can turn your vibration back on, as it won't come back up once you do. 
You are welcome if this helped you.

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