Modern Artificial intelligence Warfare

The title says it all, most kills online are made by the AI and it has ruined Modern Warfare 2 and 3;

  • Choppers
  • Sentry Guns
  • Pave Lows
  • Stelth Bomber
  • Five Heli swoop


Even in the Campaign all you do is lay down smoke markers and let an AI controlled AC-130 or Chopper Gunner do the work for you, or just throw flashbangs move forward behind cover and let the AI squad mates do the work for you, the AI even controlls every car/van/truck you travel in, stop being so tight and let us get behind the wheel!

Ever since Modern Warfare 2 in 2009 I've been thinking, why do people not like MW2, and now its the same with MW3, and I've hit the nail on the head, It's the AI and killstreaks.

...and I hope that the name Modern Artificial intelligence Warfare





I like highlighting key points ;)


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Not sure what you expected for a $60 map pack.

Except... that's false. Most kills online are NOT made by "AI". I honestly don't understand how you can think that, just go into theater and look at your deaths.

As for the campaign, I've played through about half of it, and you only get overwatch missions or segments for maybe an hour of the 8 hour campaign from what I've heard.

Infinity Ward has provided you with more incentive than ever to shoot down air support. The support and specialist streaks give you points toward the rewards for shooting down air support. Support has the Sam Turret pointstreak. The launchers take down most air support in 1-2 hits, or 1 clip of an LMG.

As I said in your other thread when you posted pretty much the same thing, shooting down air support has never been easier, and it is FAR less prevalent and over-powered than in MW2. I have not seen a single game of someone getting 10+ kills in an osprey or AC-130. In fact, I think I've only seen 6 or 7 of them total in the dozens of games I've played.

[quote user="AlphaNobleOmega"]

Not sure what you expected for a $60 map pack.


Says the guy who hasn't played the game.

So livid is against everyone, and I rarely die from user deaths, its the over powerd AI

Livid will say whatever to protect CoD...don't even listen to him.

I have played over 100 games and have not even seen a AC130 or Juggernaut suit.

I almost never get killed by AI...


First game I was level 1 and was paired with no one lower then 35 I got spanked over and over again.   Ac130,  Predator drones...seemingly endless pavelows I didn't much enjoy it and I kinda figured I wouldn't but meh I got Battlefield and at least I gave this one a try.

I've only encountered a few attack heli's and have only died from them once.  The predator missile onthe other hand kills me at least once every game.  Ive gotten a few Os preys and one pavelow and neither of them got me more than a few kills each.  Based on my personal experience I'd have to disagree with the OP.

Well, the 5 chopper sweep is just that. A sweep. If you manage to get killed by it twice.. Well, tighten your real life helmet a little tighter then. And I kill people way more with noob tubes, quick scoping, and spray and praying. :) OH and random grenades. Can't forget them.

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