Moderate NAT on COD Ghosts Xbox One since 3/4/14 Update?? See Solution here.

I have been plagued by the on/off again NAT Issues that seems to be specific to the XBox One since the system's launch.  I was running perfectly fine with an "Open" NAT on both system and COD: Ghosts up until the game update on 3/4/14.  I found a very helpful post yesterday that corrected my problem on the Ghosts Official Forums but for some reason, I cannot post on their forums.  Side note/opinion, it's probably broke just like their BS game.  Anyway, after much web surfing and tinkering with my router/modem combo, I came across the following post (See Link).  It appears as though Ghosts now requires additional ports to be forwarded to show an Open Nat type in game but of course Activision didn't announce this in the update notes (Go figure).  The new Port is 3076.  I have a total of 14 ports forwarded including this one and I am now showing Open.  I am unfortunately being plagued now by being paired up with every country but North America it seems but then again there are only approximately 500 or so people online currently in Hardcore Kill Confirmed.  This solved my issues, I hope the best to you all as we struggle through the growth of this system.  I feel it was rushed to market to meet the PS4 head-on and it is obviously losing thus far but just as with the 360, I have confidence that Microsoft will get things right eventually. They seem to take a "Monday Morning Quarterback" approach to issues the last few years.  Hope I could help….out


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