If you joined a match of Cod4 Modren Warfare a guy/girl was modding and u got lv. 55 non legit would u get banned by a xbox modrater even though u werent cheating??? And if they did a private match and told u too do directions to get a mod menu and u didnt know what they were acctaly doing would you get banned because I'm afraid that will happen to my account. Here are the directions I was told to do:[MOD REMOVED-Don't post directions on how to Mod a game] They sent me a message to do that it worked. So I did have a mod menu but I am sorry for Modding even though I didnt know what they were doing. So please message me back So  hopefully nobody will get banned!!!! Thankyou for your time.                                             STOP THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Yes you will eventually. As soon as you saw that they had a checkered board and not a map you should have known something was wrong, you should have left.

OP please read the Code of Conduct;

[quote user="The Code of Conduct"]

B. Don’t do the following.

  • Don't cheat in a game unless cheats have been deliberately enabled.
  • Don't intentionally play with someone who is using unauthorized software or methods to help inflate your game rank or gamerscore.


That's what you did wrong.

Yep, they told you what was going to happen yet you continued on in doing its in the CoC that you agreed to when you signed up for live that you would not do this.

You see anything that is abnormal to a game, then you should have noticed something wasn't right. You also SHOULD have read the Code of Conduct, it clearly states the rules against modding. You chosed to be careless, and this is the outcome. I hope you've learned your lesson from this.

Anyone know how to report for checking console modders. I meet 1 guy whos bragging about piracy on the x360

File a complaint for system tampering.

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How could you of possibly not know that they were modding? Usually when they invite you to join a modded lobby, they say that it's modded right in the message. You obviously did know something wasn't right and chose to continue anyway to see what would happen or to get your rank, who knows, bottom line is it was stupid and you'll probably end up paying for it.

Simply sending and accepting friend invites, public or private online using Xbox Live shouldnt be grounds for modding. but it looks like it is. i wonder how many 12 year-olds get invites from their friends and randoms and have no idea whats going on. online infection shouldnt be grounds for anything. i mean, if one can get modded gear and other exploits simply because of this, whos to say that down the line, one could compromise one's account simply by accepting a game invite to some random game? Microsoft should be on top of this sort of thing to prevent it, not nailing 12 year-olds to the wall.

Interesting point Turbo, but then again, you do have to take into account the AMOUNT of people actually doing the hacking/modding. Although I agree MS could trying their best to prevent it, I personally don't think they'd have time to go through every single player that is suspected of hacking / has been banned through no fault of their own. (Which, in SOME cases could happen, but, figuratively, one must have some idea of what's going on.)

Personally, rule of thumb is: If it looks fishy, or you don't know them that well, don't join them. Better safe than sorry.

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