Rockstar you need to find the Modders on Gta 5 or i am done playing and ill just throw all my rockstar games away. Its ridiculous that you have players that think they are god. Some are spawning billions of dollars. Get rid of them or i wont play anymore. Some of my friends will do the same


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Im sure that will get  R*s attention lol.  Seriously the modders are a little out of hand, but on the other hand the game is no fun without the money that theyve handed out, afterall its Christmas and maybe theyre in the giving spirit.

^ I 2nd that by 5 times 5 times 2 percent

my thing is this why would  they ban/stick people in the cheaters pool for collecting bounties(especially if they didn't know the sum of the bounty) and not ban the modders who are setting them? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Seems to me like its backwards, yea these guys are collecting hiuge amounts of money on these bounties ( i myself was just gifted money from a stranger about 3 weeks ago) and yes it may be "ruining" the  so called economy of the game, but as Z4Zone said my only real reason i still play this game is becuase i want to see all the cars upgraded and maxed out and playing this game without these "gift bounties"  is a bit to repetitive for most, myslef included. Some just don't have the time to grind the same races and missions for 4 hours a night. In my case (before being gifted millions) i had just bought the last level 4 upgrade and last cosmetic upgrade  for my Dominator and that was my only car i even had upgrades for besides a paint job and rims that i had on the rest, and i was level 40 something. If without my money i have now i would be like level 4 or 5 hundred before i would be able to have enough money to upgrade all these cars

rockstars plan was to get you to pay for the money that's why they have it like that, silly rockstar, they should have know modders were going to step in, but dang, they stepped in and the game just came out lol almost feels like the modders felt like they had to, but I was talking to my crew the other day, modders were like in every lobby tossing billions around like pocket change, forcing everyone to take the money without question, I am starting to think there is something bigger going on, I was telling them I already have all the  money I need, and ended up getting 6 million still put into my account. its getting kinda boring playing in private lobbies to avoid free money, freakin rockstar, I blame yall for trying to mess the game up by trying to get money through capitalism, yall are game DEVELOPERRRRSS how about you go and DEVELOP some more GAMMMESSS and some freakin game content and stop trying to jack the gaming community

I've called for support, but I don't think anything can be done on my account. Basically, someone set a negative number bounty on my head (-10 million), so anyone that kills me loses 10 million dollars. The thing about this bounty, it won't show up on the map. I can't play deathmatch without people losing money, that huge of a loss is stupid. I can't go into passive mode either, unless someone kills me. Unless I can get my deal sorted out, I can't play GTAO with my friends.

Try to have some fun in your life