Modded Lobby Accident

My Gamertag: Abyss Bam
Friend's Gamertag: Naive Krim

Today, my friend and I went into an online game of Free For All on Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 . Whenever the game started, the whole lobby got unlock all (mod for all guns, all camos, all challenges completed). Neither of us knows who exactly was modding, but I tried turning my Xbox off to delete the gameplay and whatever I "unlocked", but when I restarted the Xbox, everything was still there. I do not want to get banned and neither does my friend, because we did not know what happened, nor who was modding. I called Xbox Support and they told me to post on the forums so my friend and I don't get banned/suspended for something that we did not do.


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Abyss as long as you and your friend were not using mods/hacks then everything should be ok. You and your friend were just bystanders so you and your friend should not get banned. You might be able to call or email Microsoft and ask them to reset the things that were changed. Hope this helped.