Modded Lobbies are in Public Matches, and I have been victimised.

Hey folks, This is a serious warning to everyone who is playing CoD: Ghosts Multiplayer! Modded Lobbies have been leaked online into Public Matches and many people are being infected by these patches and mods, and sadly I have been victimised in this! So I need some help, my account has been set to 1st Prestige 60 and I am now getting squad points after every kill I get online, I've tried resetting my Xbox to reinstate my old rank, clearing the system cache, taking the Ethernet cable out, EVERYTHING! I want my old rank of 41 back, I am currently wait it in a queue to talk to Activison Support, however does anyone have any support for me? This is general problem and the message needs to spread. Don't get victimised like I did. Iain

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Yeah, its a slight advantage, say with the two hit kill DMRs/marksman rifles. If you can have them on mega fully auto, but I dont seeany major advantages as all weapons kill pretty fast. I remember in W@W people would use the Carbine with extended mags and it had huge damage, and the people would have fully auto firing secondaries as well, but times have changed. The devs have made fully auto secondaries available to everyone, plus M$ sells the controllers too, same as gaming headsets are for sale. If you like the controllers, buy one. I dont see them banning anyone for these. Hax/mods are different story IMHO.

   As far as rapid fire controllers go, realize that the devs put fire rate caps on single fire weapons. I dont have a chart for ghosts atm, but in the past it has always been 700 -800 rpm and under. Personally, ( at least a year ort two ago ) with old, busted, arthritic fingers, I can fire at about 700 - 750 rpm. so surely most other players can do that also.

   Some of the rf controllers have settings to tune in just below the fire rate. If they dont the weapon will misfire. If they do, the only real advantage you are getting is that you dont have to worry about doing 2 things at once .... aiming acurately while feathering the trigger. So basically ..... while modded controollers might make it easier, doing the same thing without one is easily within human capability.

  Thats one thing about the bulldog ..... no detailed aiming necessary. One can just concentrate on wiggling their finger as fast as they can.

M$ sells modded controllers. They are programmable controllers and are not the "back yard" "do it yourself" modded controllers that alot of people sell, but they can do the same things. The controllers may give a slight advantage to some, much like a nice gaming headset does. Buy one, who cares? They are not the problem they were years back. Any hacks/mods are a different story, but I have yet to come across any of those, but if I do (or think people are using one), Ill change lobbies and game on. No biggy really.

That true but not when you lag the whole match to kill someone. Then you back out and join 5 other lobbies with no lag at all. I do have slight lag due to me not having high bandwith and ill admit that but for these people to get away with modded controllers and or programs that give them advantage because they lack skill to kill anyone is sad. Im not trying to promote modded controllers but there are some that you can program to instant dropshot while aiming on the person, quick scope on that person, rappid fire, instantly hold breath when aiming. Now I think ms should drop all controllers but their offical controllers. If MS condones MLG controllers then it needs to be posted. If they condone that illegal controller from that other site it needs to be posted. I would sure buy one if MS says its legal. In all honesty I belive MS is to afraid to ban the people because they would lose more money than they would like to.I also would love to see more mass bans at start of every big title like COD, Battlefield, and Halo.

Normal LAG causes 99% of WTF moments in CoD. There are cheats and cheaters out there, but they are in that 1%.

I'm not saying people dont cheat or that people dont use mods. I'm just saying the examples you used are ones that can be done without any of that stuff.

I was watching my daughter's bf play and he could drop shot unbelievably fast. I know he wasnt using a mod because it was my controller we were passing back and forth match to match. I cant do it.... I have trouble sliding even. some people just have more nimble fingers.

The shotguns with rapid fire ..... well I'd have agreed with you more a while back. I was trying to rank up my shotguns and started with the rp6 (? name). I kept running into people using what almost appeared to be full auto shotguns, then I started working on the bulldog. I dont ever recall any single fire weapon in cod that I could fire as fast as the bulldog. I swear it fires twice as fast as my fingers work. The reveolver one is pretty much the same way. .... but not as consistently ( for me anyway )

Lag is lag, and its possible people are using lag switches, but everyday connection issues will do the same thing. If the host has connection problems, everyone will.

The point of it all is that you didnt "bust" anyone for anything. Do you have pictures, data. eyewitnesses ...... any kind of proof at all? No. You are just using examples of things that are completely explainable. With no proof, you are just making accusations plain and simple. Throw in your remarks about your k/d and people saying they are better than you etc and I'd have to lean toward it being your ego and paranoia rather than anyone cheating.

Actually no I dont acuse people of cheating but if the shoe fits then I will say it. If a match can start off with no lag at all then all of a sudden one person lags then thats normal lag but when that person causes everyone else to lag then that is a lag switch. Its sad for people to do this to come back and win the match when they are down by over 20 points. I also think MS needs to hold people acountable for this lag switching which is a federal crime acording to the new TOS agreement. Also its also sad to use a modded controller to get the unfair advantage over other people. Like instant drop shot without that pause. I know of tatical control. My friend used that and has a pause before he actual goes prone. Its really sad A tired old guy that some people think that no1 cheats or does anything illegal. Some of us are as you say have better common sense and are smarter than the rest and know what to look for. As when I posted things about Black ops 1 about people running programs to cheat they all told me I was stupid and to go F myself but I was right all along.

"Most back out when they get busted to avoid te question which controller are you useing to do that."

From your post, it sounds like you throw around a lot of accusations during the game. Maybe thats the reason they leave. It gets pretty annoying to have someone bragging how good they are while crying cheater at anyone who kills them.

I love the responces from people on COD ghost that they tell me they are better than me when their kd is not even a 1.0 and their shotgun gun can fire faster than my rappid fire M27. Then some people tell me that I suck when they use a modded controller to instant drop shot and have a kd of 4.0+ I would love to be on a stage and Humiliate them. Most back out when they get busted to avoid te question which controller are you useing to do that.

Don't even label cheaters. Just ban them.

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