modded controllers? do they really help?

so in my constant learning curve of MP .... i have recently uncovered the world of modded controllers which range anywhere from a controller with a fancy paint job to a controller that has 20 modes built into it ... ranging from faster shooting, auto-aim, drop shot, faster reload, etc.  anyway what i am wondering is do these "modded" controllers really help the FPS MP games ?..... how do they work? ..... are they legal? ..... i know they ain't cheap ....... has anyone ever tried them?  


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 has anyone ever tried them?  


Yes, many, many douche bags have tried them.

If it is a custom controller say, with a new shell or custom buttons, then you're ok. But it it's to the point where you have rapid fire and other mods for in-game use then that's where you can get into trouble. They're not necessarily illegal, but most game companies do make patches to stop them. And you could face a ban by MS if they detect you. I do custom controllers and even install mods, but I never use them. It's not worth it to me to get detected and have my gamertag/console banned because of it. If someone else wants to that's up to them. But if you feel like you shouldn't be using it online than I would not buy one.

To me its pointless playing like that other then IMO its cheating & IMO if your going to use them its the "Controller" that is good at the game not you Auto-aim??? do you really need that.

They don't help. Wasting your clip in 2 seconds is useless.

Theyre useless in halo 4 since the semiautos have a delay between each shot making it impossible to spam the trigger.

thanks alpha, delta, smokin and as always isaac ...... what i believe i need after the time put in playin and researching is .....a better ISP this point and time my ISP is the worst in the industry when it comes to BPS dont get me wrong its just fine for everyday internet use ....but when it comes to gaming IT IS TERRIBLE