[Mod Removed] Warning & Complaint

Gamertag [Mod Removed] intentionally deleted, without permission and against our direct requests to stop, all objects and structures in one of our lands.  We warn all players to take [Mod Removed] off their friends list and by this post complain to XBOX Live about [Mod Removed] with a request to investigate this player.  Thank you.


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Sorry, but name and shame is not allowed here. If you're talking about Forge, well then that sucks but you can't do anything about it. He didn't break any rule on the Terms of Use or Code of Conduct for Xbox Live, therefore if he did something to **** you off, that's about all he did. Remove him from your friends list and whatever you need to do to keep him out of your games, but that's all you can do.

remove from friend list, and block all comunications with him

also dont give out  names on the forums ita againts the CoC

you should be carefull who you play forge with

your investigation will begin in 3 normal labor days