[Mod Edit: *Possible Spoilers*] Question about FIB deal that Mike did.

Maybe i just missed it or wasnt paying attention properly but can someone explain exactly what the deal was that Mike did with the FIB agent during the first heist when he was presumed dead. Did he cut the deal before the heist or after? What were the terms of the deal?


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He cut the deal with the FIB before the heist. As for the terms of the deal I can only assume that Mike agreed to give up Trevor and brad in exchange for his freedom but brad got killed but Trevor got away so Mike had to fake his death and be put into witness protection to try and cover up his involvement for the betrayal.

Awe snap so thats what happened? ^^ Wow that's cold.

I thought it was kind of odd how Trevor sort of forgave Michael so quickly.  But then again, I'm not that far into the game yet.

^^ Ummmm yea keep playing lol.