Mobile Spawn questions.

Its simple enough to use, but there are a few things that im not too sure about:

1) Do you spawn on it in different ways depending on the map? I played Operation Metro and we simply spawned on it, but then I played another map (cant recall the name but it had that cliff which you jump off of) which I would spawn via parachute over the mobile spawn... anyone care to explain?

2)The spawn will stay in its location even after MY death, correct? It wont just disappear.

3) Do you get points for teammates spawning on it?


There was another one but I forgot what it was, Ill post it if I remember.


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answer me now.

If its placed indoors you will spawn on it. If its placed outdoors you will spawn via parachute.

It will stay in location until its destroyed or the objective moves on (in rush). It stays even if you die

Not sure!

it stays until it's destroyed or the objectives move up in rush.

I used it in the beta and I dont remember getting XP when others used it. They are very helpful, but I dont like the Recon class otherwise.

Having mobile spawns was a terrible idea in my opinion. You already have the option of spawning on squad mates, vehicles, and captured points. You mess up the game dynamic by allowing players to pretty much spawn right next to the enemy. It's especially cheap when you're on the defending team and you have no tickets to bleed. And part of what makes Rush or Conquest challenging is the fact that you HAVE to keep your teammates alive to push forward and capture objectives. Mobile spawns are just lazy tools used by campers who like to magically pop up behind the enemies to spawn camp the hell out of them. Seriously out of all the potentially fun tools they could've given the Recon class they ended up with this lame contraption? :-(

I'm not saying the game is broken or unbalanced. I can deal with the stupid mobile spawn points fine. I just think it's more fun when you properly earn your victory by healing/reviving teammates so you actually have a safe place to spawn (on your teammates) and push forward the honorable way. The mobile spawn completely throws all that fun out the window and makes everything lazy.