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A new video showcasing cinematics. Mucho Reapers.


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Thanks for that, a nice compliment to the Audio Vid that implantedwall14 posted the other day, what was that packaged thing that's beside him near the computer?...:-)

These people  that host the Pulse get on my nerves lol

I would love to find and kill the person who first started spelling more as moar.

Relax, Vote...maybe you should go on vacation a little moar often.

Where's my knife sharpening kit. :P

Oh Vote, you so crazy...

But anyway, I like the bit with all the Reapers in space. Somewhat reminds me of the battle with Sovereign.


here's one on a retelling of whats in the N7 collectors ed. and some combat powers. it isn't a combat trailer but they actually use a test area for combat (all white surfaces/no textures) to show off the Krogan Shotgun along with Nova (looks awesome) engineer turret. adept and engineer heavy melee. and how the engineer and adept can defeat a couple different types of oponents.

worst part of the vid, David Silverman

I posted my thoughts somewhere else on here, but I will post it again.

I face palmed so hard and so many times I need a nose cast. Worst part of the whole video was when one of the people that actually WORK on the game said that Overload was an old power from ME2. It was in ME1. If you are going to say it is returning, say it was returning from the series.


The Adept Heavy Melee is the most pointless thing I have ever seen. It's Throw. Seriously.


I hated that they tried to make it sound like AI Hack was a brand spankin new power for the Engineer. Once again, it's been there since ME1.


Other than that, I guess it is okay. Would have been nice if they had mentioned something more about how we can put points into our character.

they talked about the talent pionts back at E3 and had screens/vids of it since then. the talent trees arent soemthing any rpg designer ever spends too much time talking over because they aren't very exciting things to begin with.


also kind of a part two to the above vid. shows off some of the nuances they've put into the game. nothing big or really exciting.