Any good players on mlg please add me so we can play together


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You're looking for MLG 50's in Halo 3? Are you the town spastic?

There's only one new post every two or three days and about 2 replies a day and you think you'll find them here? Bungie has more but is spammed with Endure requests.

Anyone that good would have moved on to Halo Reach either for a new challenge or to compete in the MLG tournaments.

Lol have yall actually played together lol. Why would you even troll the forums if your a 50? If its legit then you shouldnt need to go looking for people to support you, you should be the best and not need us petty low levels :O  or is it that in a game of all 50s, your the one that does the worst?

Oh dear [:O].


I'm truly offended at your comment because you really seem to have identified my low, low skill and insignificant status to you, even though you look like complete crap whereas I don't and am not.

shush bk

Are you asking for 50's with more or less Kills than Deaths? I don't know about you but if I were a 50 I'd be downright ashamed to have over 100, 000 Kills and have more deaths, no offense.


Maybe one of the MLG 20's can help you out.

and please... only 50 mlg's like myself