MLB Bobblehead Pros - The best baseball game Xbox can offer?

It really is.  Or, at least, should be.  There are some serious issues that hold it back - some of which are gameplay related, others being simply attributed to Konami's greed.  But even despite its faults, this game still blows the doors off of MLB 2K, and because hasn't bothered to put together an online forum, I decided to start this thread in hopes that this feedback gets somewhere.

Xbox is seriously lacking a respectable baseball game.  Bobblehead Pros, despite it's childish flair, could make up for this if the right people are contacted and the appropriate fixes are made.  Does anybody else remember the original Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball for the Super Nintendo?  Think of that game, except with updated graphics, teams, stadiums and uniforms.  All that is missing is a patch to fix the points in the game that make detract from what otherwise would be a stellar game.


Serious Gameplay Problems:

1. Too often the computer selects the incorrect fielder to make a play.  I've had balls hit between my third baseman and shortstop, only to be given control of my second baseman for no apparent reason.


2. You have to immediately be within the path of the baseball in order to field it.  I know that sounds like it should make sense, but it doesn't.  There is literally no room for error.  If you are not precisely where the ball is - and I mean exactly on top of it - it goes right past you.  A good example of what I mean by this is you can literally watch a ball roll past your player's shoe.  Does he pick it up?  Nope.  You literally have to be right on top of it or else you miss it entirely.

I like to imagine every player in a giant invisible bubble.  When the ball penetrates said bubble, the character will field the ball.  Unfortunately, at the moment this bubble is WAY too small.  So small, in fact, that it makes it incredibly difficult (even on the easiest settings) to field sharply hit ground balls.  Download and play the demo if you think I'm just being nitpicky.  It's a serious problem.


3. Sluggish outfielders.  It's like every outfielder is pulling an invisible lead wagon, which makes cutting off balls hit into the lanes nearly impossible - not to mention any passed balls (see point two) absolutely devastating.  As if that wasn't enough, however, you also have to take into account ball bounce heights.  Apparently, every outfield is made of rubber, not grass.  Hard hit flys into the outfield that bounce in front of your player can miraculously bounce over your outfielder, which again goes back to this invisible bubble I spoke of.


4. Bunting.  It's incredibly difficult to do successfully - even if you're just trying to advance the runner.  Go ahead and try.


Personal Gripes:

1.  Unfinished product?  I have to wait to pay for simple modes like the Home Run Derby and All-Star teams?  Really?  That's absurd.  it's almost as bad as when Madden tried to charge players for alternate uniforms.  And as if that wasn't enough, I can't even edit or customize a player - not even a "Your Superstar" mode unless I pay more for it?

OK, the truth is I would almost be willing to pay for these things IF the game wasn't plagued by so many easily-fixed problems.  If they'd bother to patch the gameplay before releasing this stuff there probably wouldn't even be an issue to be had here.  But they haven't, and thus if you purchased the initial game you ought to be outraged, or at the very least upset.


2.  No custom players, or teams, or even the ability to make trades?  Yeah, you can make "custom teams," but only with the teams that currently exist and even then it's just glorified custom All-Star teams with players that are already in the game.  That's relatively pointless, if you ask me.

More importantly, why aren't there trade options?  And why am I expected to, again, pay more for an "Edit Player" option?  C'mon, Konami, that's pathetic.  You can't even allow us to make trades in season mode?  Or should I just assume that will also be another DLC feature I can have down the line for a nominal fee?


In closing, this game is a missed opportunity.  Konami has a product that, while maybe a bit overly kid-friendly, has the potential to actually be a really good title.  But until some of the issues that plague the experience are met, this game is going to continue to be lost amongst the long line of Xbox Live Arcade games that never really realized their potential.

I really wish there was an easier way to send feedback to Xbox/Konami/anyone that cares, but no such options really exist at the moment.  Perhaps wouldn't mind looking incorporating something like that with their new forums.

Again, this game, even despite its flaws, is still a considerably better experience than anything 2K has offered in years.  It's just a pity none of the concerns listed above will likely ever be addressed.


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You know, I didn't even think to mention the lack of outfielder recognition.  What I mean by that is when a ball is hit in the air and its landing zone isn't immediately visible (say, for instance, in between left and center field), you have no way of knowing which outfielder you're going to be controlling.  No arrow, no hint.  Nothing.  If anyone has ever tried to playing a game with the "Classic" view mode, this problem becomes even more prevalent.  You literally have NO idea where your player is, much less who you are controlling.  The mini map in the corner is rendered relatively useless due to its lack of definition.  It doesn't tell you who you're controlling, nor where the ball is going to land relative to the field.  Honestly, it might as well not even be anything more than a means to show where the baserunners are.  Why bother incorporate the outfield into it if it's not going to divulge any useful information?


Speaking of which, baserunner ineptitude is another annoying bug that could use some investigation.  For example, if a ball is popped up in the infield (infield fly rule can even be in effect), why must I manually tell every baserunner to tag up?  I mean, isn't that a given?  If you're not paying complete attention and forget to hit X to make all your baserunners return to their bags, you are easily doubled up.  It's ridiculous.

I had the same issues with the game when I reviewed it. It's certainly an enjoyable experience in most respects, but the fielding is clunky with issues. Regardless, I still enjoy playing it, but it's not up there with the best. I prefer The Bigs.

I started a new season, played one game.  I then saved my season and quit.  That was a week and a half, 2 weeks ago.  I started up to play, and now I can no longer load a seaon, OR even create a new one.  The 4 save slots are empty and it won't let me use any now.  I can see my save file on my HD, and it saves in game any time I go back to the main screen, but now I can no longer even play a season.  Good thing I only played one game in the season I started.  But this seems to be a major problem.

This has got to be the most infuriating games on Xbox Arcade I have ever played. A few points:

1. When you're trying to steal and you have a player on 1st and 3rd, if you try to make your player on 1st steal to 2nd, it automatically makes your player on 3rd steal to home. Konami obviously doesn't know much about the game of baseball as this is never going to happen in a real game.

2. There have also been a few times where (for whatever reason) you have players on 1st and 2nd, and your 2nd base runs back  and your 1st base player tries to run forward so you have two players smack dab in the middle of 1st and 2nd, and you can't select your players to move forward individually, so it's often easy for the other person to get a double play on you.

3. Also.. players fumbling the ball and tripping over them. This isn't football. You don't fumble the ball in  baseball.

4. The outfield is a joke. If you have a ball hit to a hole, you won't even know which player is going to need to go for it til it actually gets near you.. and by then it's too late to even try and get them to run til its close to hitting the ground.

This game has the potential to be great but because of these glitches it makes it extremely infuriating.