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Lately I have been playing Mortal Kombat 9 that a friend bought on his Xbox because his Profile has access to online features... On my Xbox, however, I have been downloading the DLC characters, skins, and compatability packs that have recently been coming out... So today I downloaded Kenshi and I love the character, but wanted to try him online. So I bought a Kombat Pass... problem was that when I loaded the game to buy the pass a message came up during the load of the game stating my game save has been damaged and that if I were to continue there would be a possibility of complete erase of the save (which I have put a lot of time into) ... I was stupid and decided to continue anyways... At the main menu it let me know I wasn't logged in, which was absurd because I was indeed logged in. So after settling that I went to the extras menu and downloaded the Pass but all I saw for the next 15 minutes was the loading dragon logo... I dashboarded and loaded the game once more, going through all of the previous issues I encountered before hand. Once I got into the online features I could search for player and ranked matches but joining a room (such as the 100 player max rooms) is out of the question because it tells me MK9 online isn't available. Another addition to this is it prompts me to sign in once I get to the online features as well....... It really has me irritated. I have tried everything from re-downloading all of the DLC and packs, moving all of the data to a flash drive (including my profile), to clearing the cache and nothing still seems to work... The last thing that I tried was moving everything over to my flash drive and then plugging it into my friends Xbox, and wouldn't you know it that worked. So it seems like its an xbox problem here and I was wondering if anyone has had a similar problem and resolved it? Thanks so much for your time reading the post and hopefully it helps others resolve the same issue.


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When I downloaded Kenshi I lost all my offline progress. Story mode, mastery, endings, alternate costumes, and Cyberzero and Quan Chi were all gone.

That sucks... Unfortunately Im pretty sure my game ran fine when I downloaded Kenshi... Its just when I got the Kombat Pass that things started to go haywire.

Try to recover your gamertag, then deleting your characters, then redownload them. This should get your characters back. This is why I don't play online as much.

This glitch happens to me and all I do is log in again and then leave the game and return and everything is fine.

Thanks for all the help... Haven't tried any of the methods yet since Im currently in Tennessee on a house hunting/vacation but ill try those methods when I get back :)