MK Legacy?

I've watched all of these 8-10 min webisodes and I was wondering if anyone thinks that its all just a setup for a MK reboot movie? I was thinking about the first video that was put out with Jax talking with Scorpion and it had more realism to it compared to how the webisodes are have turned out so far. Anyone think that there will be another MK movie and would it be magical or plausible?


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Legacy is basically a test to see how much interest it can spark and if there is a strong enough demand then it's a strong possibility that a movie will happen. Hollywood wants anything that will make money. Plus it's already talk about these episodes getting a DVD release so we will see how it goes. And ask for how the movie would be, I think they were saying they wanted to keep it close to how the webisodes are, a more realistic approach but of course still have that magical element that MK needs for the characters. Basically it woildnt be anything like the original MK movies.

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 Basically it woildnt be anything like the original MK movies.


thank odin.

imho, the only bad episodes where the Kitana Mileena ones, i hated the fact that they started out all RL action, but when to anime for the majority of the episodes...  

praying there is a movie at the end of this legacy tunnel

anyone know the theme song that plays when scorpion fights subzero?