MK Forum up and running

and only 3 weeks after everyone stopped playing the game.... Forealz tho whens that dlc comming out!?!


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The hell you talking about? Tons of people are still playing this, and I don't see the community dying off anytime soon. >_>

Ya, last I checked there is no problem getting any game. Which MK are you playing OP?

About time this game get it's own Forum.. Glad to see you all here.

sorry forgot /end sarcasm :) Figured they would never give MK it's own forum would always be using MKvDC

how da hell do u post something!!!!!!!!?????

Funny, and now MK VS DCU doesn't have a forum. Nah, I know they are just getting the more current forums up first.

Game Informer gave the game a 9.5

Now that we have our own forum, I kinda miss the MK vs DC one. Nah, bout time, now just have to figure out these new ones.

finally they make a forum for this game...