MK big online community?

I was wondering what the online community for this game is like, as I got the game used and wanna know if I purchase the kombat pass in future, that their will acctually be players!

Tbh, its kind of ridiculous they expect me to pay to play online just for buying the game second hand.. I pay for xbox live already damn it. I game on my PC and not only do i not pay for anything like xbox live.. I don't get punished either for buying game's used!

Also fighting game's like MK to me, are much more fun played when you've got mate's sitting next to you.. So you can shout at them as they are repeatidly jumping and hitting you with uppercuts lol.

Its a whole different experience online and I don't wanna pay 800 points for a game hardly anyone is playing online, has terrible netcode.. or where people rage quit all the time.


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Online passes weren't started by Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment but they've adopted whats becoming a more common policy.  I disagree with it as well, by the way.

In terms of the online community, I don't have issues getting matches.  You can try a trial of the online pass for a day or so I believe, so why not do that and see if you like it?


I wouldn't recommend getting an online pass. The game runs really laggy online. It's nowhere near the normal gameplay speed. Even after numerous patches I just can't tell people to spend money on this game. Online is bad.

i played last saturday. 7 to 10 rooms. thats down from 100 a month ago. so at ur discretion its freefalling fast from relevancy

The online is decent if you have people to fight against. If you have friends with the game, you can give the trial time a shot and see what you think. They fixed the lag that happened at the start, though people with bad connections are still there. King of the Hill is actually a really nice addition that I'm surprised no other fighting game really attempted much of. Of course, having a buddy next to you is always the best of any fighting game. I say give the trial time a go and decide for yourself. There aren't as many people on as there were last month, but it's not hard to find a game, still.

Thanks for the response's guys

Ill be sure to check out the trial, and its a shame the community has died down alot in the past month. Tbh this is why I ask, because of the fact it's a fighting game and didn't know wether a fighting game would have enough lasting appeal on online multi-player

Ruthless, that was what was really making me interested about the MP on MK :P. King of the hill, looking at it on the back case as well, everybody's avatar''s will be there on the screen watching people fight.. And from what I also understand, seeing as it was on the back of the case 'online multiplayer 4-8' that its got lobbie systems where other fighters wait, while they watch other people watching and vice versa, seem's really good cus u cud just get like 8 friends and all go play MK together.

Alas alot of my friend's don't like MK.. Most of them can't be bothered to get good at it so they can beat me, and mostly wanna go play FPS's or grand theft auto in my best friends's case

We just added a Mortal Kombat ladder to, its new so keep it in mind.  We are trying to build a good Mortal Kombat community...