Mixed up with coke mission

Does mixed up with coke mission still give $180,000 per completion? If it does I would be looking for 3 other people to do it with me and run it in 50 secs for fast cash and rp. Just send me a friend request.


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No it definitely does not pay out 180,000 more like 18,000 and that might be on hard difficulty.

I can confirm it only pays 15,000.

Will draw in 37,000 if you have never played it or recently reached the level for the mission. After that back to 15,000.

yeah the pay kind of sucks

You cant complete it in 50 seconds. Isnt it like 2 or 3 parts?

I need some one to do missions with, need money again, waisted all my money on a car that was 950gs, left me with 200 bucks

^^Well next time save your money

im doing good right now lol thanks for the tip, im in the 500 thousands right now


I got all the way up to a little over 2 million, then I got the new turismo and that plane and the 2 guns, now im back to around 200 thousand